How we began

Rockit started in 1977 when at the time a very famous rock guitarist named Harvey Mann asked me to build him a guitar amplifier that would suit his style of playing. Harvey wanted a 100watt tube amp combo with a 12” speaker.

So I stated work on the amplifier and 3 months later the first Rockit amplifier was born .Harvey and I spent some time together modifying the tone of the distortion circuit to suit his style of playing. Harvey liked a very smooth and dark distortion so I worked around some ideas I had and came up with a design he really liked. The next day Harveys second guitarist Eddie Hansen another great guitarist saw me and ordered another amplifier for himself so another Rockit amp was under production.

Harvey Mann and Eddie Hansen were such great guitar players that everytime they played anywhere they had a huge following of other wannabe guitarist that came along to watch them play. They also were giving guitar lessons to a lot of these guys and because of that the students also wanted the same rockit amps that Harvey and Eddie was using .

So that’s how we started building one off custom amps for guitarist around Auckland. The amps were so powerful that a small 12″100watt combo used to blowaway 100watt marshal stacks. It was mainly because we used the very loud, JBL, RCF and Electrovoice speakers .These speakers when compared to ordinary speakers were a lot louder.

Some of the bands that used our amps I cant remember them all but here goes
Living Force, Hello Sailor, Bamboo, The Dudes, The Herbs,and many many more

As the years went by I started building Bass Guitar amplifiers,P A amplifiers,P A Speakers,smaller guitar combos using transistors instead of valves, these were the Prochamp 60, Prochamp100, Supersustain 120.

The Valve Amps were Superlead 130,Superlead 130 twin graphic,also the superlead 75 .

Now our amplifiers are all over the world from Australia to America We only custom build these to special order now but we still keep all the original parts to repair all the old ones.

-Anil Naidu

What we do now


We Hire

Now Rockit Sound is run by Anils sons Raajiv and Sanjeev. Our Core Business is still Sound and lighting system rentals, sales and repairs.

We custom build cables, and amplifiers. We can also get you speaker boxes and custom cases made.

We import

B&C Professional loudspeakers
components From Italy, high frequency drivers, horns and recone parts

Superlux microphones
for studio and live, lecturn, wireless, lapel, headsets, handheld .

C-Mark Pro audio products.
Mixers, wireless mics, Amplifiers, speaker boxes.

We Sell

Popular brands such as RCF, JBL, Yamaha, Pioneer, Shure, Sennheiser, Behringer, Yorkville, SoundCraft, Wharfedale, Electrovoice, QSC, Crown, Vox, AKG, Allen and Heath, and much more.

We Repair

We repair and service most brands of audio and lighting equipment. From Amplfiers to Keyboards, Powered speakers to mixers – we can fix it! Our technician has over 25 years experience in the electronic industry.

Come and visit us for the best prices and service in town.   We are the original Auckland Sound Hire!