Do you deliver? How much do you charge?2014-05-16T23:39:30+00:00

Yes we do deliver.

It depends on the amount of gear you are taking and the distance it needs to be transported. If its just up the road for small speaker system, we can usually deliver it for a small fee. If there is plenty of gear and the destination is quite far, we will have to discuss it further.

Call us for a better idea on how much it’s going to cost. If it’s too expensive and you’d rather make a couple of trips to transport the gear yourself, we don’t mind waiting 🙂

Does your insurance cover the equipment when I rent it out?2014-05-16T23:38:32+00:00

No it doesn’t. If there are damages you’ll have to pay for the repairs. If the gear is lost or stolen you will have to pay for the replacement cost. Make sure you inform your own insurance company when you are hiring gear to be covered.

What else do I need to know when hiring equipment?2014-05-16T23:38:15+00:00

There is a bond on most hires. This ranges from $100, to 5% of the equipment value. Most of the time a swipe of the credit card will do, but it must be the hirers credit card.

Equipment must be returned in the condition it went out in. If its just the usual wear and tear, we’ll obviously let that pass, but you’ll be charged for any damages. This also includes improper handling/packaging of our multicore snakes.
If you return the equipment back dirty, you will be charged a cleaning fee or we’ll keep your bond.

If noise control takes the equipment you will still be charged everyday it’s out of the shop. Remember you’re getting charged for the time the gear it is out of the shop, not time used.

What do I need in order to hire gear?2014-05-16T23:37:33+00:00

Two forms of ID and proof of address. This is Current New Zealand drives license or passport and something else with your name on it like a credit card. If you don’t have either of these then you need to bring someone along with you who does. They will become the hirer and thus, responsible for the gear.

Do you do special rates for Schools and Churches?2014-05-16T23:37:15+00:00

We sure do!

What sort of equipment do you rent out?2014-05-16T23:36:53+00:00

We have everything from small stand alone speaker systems for corporate events, Battery powered speakers for weddings in the middle of a park to massive sound systems for bands and raves.
We also do lighting for small and big events. From mirror balls, scanners, to full colour lasers and Moving heads.

Do you have Finance available?2014-05-16T23:35:35+00:00

Yes we do! We use Flexirent. Its super easy to apply for and can be pre-approved over the phone! Lease To Own and Operating Lease options available.

Do you sell gear?2014-05-16T23:22:41+00:00

Yes we do! If you don’t mind waiting a bit you can get gear cheap as! We also custom make leads.

How long have you guys been around for?2014-05-16T23:21:12+00:00

Rockit has been around since 1977

What are your opening hours?2017-08-22T09:59:27+00:00

9am to 6pm Monday to Friday. 9.30am to 1pm Saturday.
If you think you’ve missed our opening hours give us a call on 09.6340447

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